“A language isn’t something you learn as much as something you join. –Arika Okrent

Registration is now open for our Fall 2021 courses! Our classes are held online over Zoom and start the week of 9/27. Save $35 when you register by Friday, September 17th. No code required. 
Pricing information can be found below. For more information call 312-245-0652 or email

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ItalCultura  |  500 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1405 

Obtaining books

In addition to having the option to pay $15 to have your book shipped, in-person book pick-up dates have been scheduled:

September 9th 11am-130pm

September 13th 11am-130pm

September 20th 11am-130pm

September 23rd 10am-4pm

September 24th 10am-4pm

September 27th 11am-130pm

Pricing Structure: Courses and Lessons

Standard 10-week and Accelerated 5-week Courses (*20 hours): $385 per student

4 student minimum, (10 maximum)

2 hours per encounter (includes a 15-minute break)


*to provide greater learning and teaching efficacy, if a class’s size is either temporarily or permanently reduced to three or less students, the duration of the encounters may be reduced from two hours down to 1.5 hours.


Semi-Private Group Class (20 hours), 3 student minimum: $435 per student

2 hours per encounter (includes a 15-minute break)

10-week (1 encounter per week) or 5-week (two encounters per week) duration


Semi-Private Group Class (20 hours), 2 students: $550 per student

2 hours per encounter (includes a 15-minute break)

10-week (1 encounter per week) or 5-week (two encounters per week) duration


Irregularly-Scheduled Semi-Private Lessons:

These lessons can be arranged for any number of hours for the following costs

$50 per hour per student (2 students)

$40 per hour per student (3 or more students)


Private Lessons (1-on-1, flexible schedule):

$70 per hour

Children’s Lessons:

Personalized solutions can be adapted based on the age and level of the student’s knowledge of Italian.

Italy in Chicago

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Online Workshops: September 13th - 25th

We are pleased to offer once again our series of short brush up courses focused on conversation, reading and writing at all levels from beginning to advanced, and single-focus workshops on pronunciation, as well as some of the most challenging aspects of Italian grammar in an interactive, student-driven environment.  Click on the name of the workshop below to see the schedule and pricing information.

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Italian Pronouns, including “ci” and “ne”

Italian Prepositions

Imperfetto vs. Passato Prossimo

Conjugation Workshop - Part 1

Conjugation Workshop - Part 2

Use of "Congiuntivo"

Essere o Avere?







To register for the CILS exam or to obtain more information visit this link.


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