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          “A language isn’t something you learn as much as something you join. –Arika Okrent

The next round of accelerated classes starts the week of May 6th!

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Learn the language while bringing yourself closer to the many beautiful elements of Italy!!!

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ItalCultura  |  500 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1405.

Italian Cultural Institute Events Calendar

20 April 2019

Italy in Chicago

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The next CILS exam will take place on May 30th at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago at 9am. Registration for the CILS exam closes on April 10th. To register for the CILS exam or for questions regarding the exam, please write to .


The Official Language School
at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago
500 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1405
Chicago, IL 60611-3767
ph 312-245-0652    fax 312-822-9622
email us   |  map & directions

Calendar and Pricing


Spring 2019:  April 1 - June 10

Summer 2019:  June 24 - Sept 4

Fall 2019:  Sept 23 - Dec 7


20-hour group courses: $385

Private lessons: $70/hour

Accelerated Courses $385 for 5-weeks

Accelerated classes meet 2x per week, for 20 hours of instruction.Accelerated A1303

Italian Travel Experience

Starts this April






This 10-hour course provides information on the culture of Italy and its attractions, as well as helpful tips on eating out, shopping, visiting museums and getting around  Italy. It also paves the way to  the standard Italian courses, introducing students to the basics of Italian language, focusing on routine phrases and conventional  expressions that are useful while travelling.  Are you planning to go to  Italy? Do you want to learn a few phrases in Italian and see if you like it? This is the course for you!

No book required for this class. Printed materials will be provided. Instruction in English.

Join the course: Italian Travel Experience

Leonardo da Vinci Courses and Lectures

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