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In the Elementary levels, students will develop linguistic skills, enhance their vocabulary and correctly apply grammar rules.

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A2.1 Grammar coverage includes a review of the verb "piacere" + infinitive or noun; indirect pronouns; the verb "interessare"; "mi piace di piu`/di meno"; the relative superlative; the verbs "volerci" and "bisogno"; the present conditional; the word "qualche"; adverbs in - mente; the forms and use of the imperfect; the comparative (regular forms)

A2.2 Grammar coverage includes the study of conditional, positive and negative imperative, and gerund; comparative and superlative adjectives and relative pronouns; the use of impersonal subjects. Communication goals include: explaining one’s intentions; expressing needs and opinions; talking about health and various events. Classes meet once a week for ten weeks (20 hours).

A2.3 Grammar coverage includes comparison introduced by of or that; "meglio e migliore"; the simple future; the progressive form with "stare" + gerund; direct pronouns and the past perfect tense; "quello" and "bello" + noun ; the forms of good ; the imperfect and the past perfect tense of sapere e conoscere; the transitive and intransitive use of the verbs "cominciare/iniziare" and "finire".

Bridge to B1 (Review of Elementary Italian A2 level). This course allows students to practice the following elements of Italian grammar that they have already learned: "imperfetto"; the use of "imperfetto" vs 'passato prossimo"; the progressive form; the imperative; the future tense; direct and indirect pronouns; comparative and superlative adjectives; irregular nouns.This course will offer students the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of the Italian language and to improve their listening and reading skills, while gaining self-confidence in conversation and expanding their vocabulary. Prerequisite: A2.3 or knowledge of above stated grammar.  

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