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Are you a new student wondering which class to register for?

If you’ve never formally studied Italian, then Beginner A1.1 is where you should start.

If you have formally studied Italian, then you should take our placement test. It will ascertain that you are placed in the most appropriately challenging level based on your current proficiency.

Deciding between group classes or private lessons

There are advantages to each. Private lessons allow more scheduling and curriculum flexibility while group classes allow for a more dynamic learning environment.

Which is better, Standard 10-week vs Accelerated 5-week classes?

The same material is covered in these differently scheduled classes. They both offer 20 class hours in total. Standard classes meet once per week for a total of two hours per week. Accelerated classes meet twice per week for a total of four classroom hours. Accelerated classes offer the advantage of engaging more frequently with the class.


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