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In the Intermediate levels, students will learn to fluently communicate in the Italian language, read a broad variety of texts, speak and understand Italian through a rich vocabulary and correctly apply grammar rules.

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B1.1 Chiaro!, Units 1 – 4  Communication goals include learning how to express one’s skills and wishes; describing an itinerary; expressing one’s opinion; evaluating positive and negative sides of a given situation. Grammar coverage includes the impersonal form of reflexive verbs; present subjunctive; modal future; temporal gerundive. 

B1.2 Chiaro!, Units 5 – 7  Communication goals include expressing doubts and hopes; talking about different lifestyles. Grammar coverage includes the conditional mode; combined pronouns; explicit and implicit forms.; the 1st periodo ipotetico; the passive form.  

B1.3 Chiaro!, Units 8 – 10  Communication goals include discussing a movie / book; talking about historical facts; making a hypothesis. Grammar coverage includes the trapassato prossimo; the 2nd periodo ipotetico; the passato remoto.  

Bridge to B2  Grammatica della lingua italiana per stranieri (A1-A2/B1-B2)  A 20-hour course dedicated to reviewing the grammar covered in levels A1, A2 and B1, focusing on the following aspects: passato prossimo, imperfetto, imperativo, condizionale, congiuntivo and periodo ipotetico. Students will finally feel confident in their abilities to describe events, habits in the past, give advice, or express their opinions or wishes. 

Giocare con la letteratura 1.  (Italian through Literature)  - This course, held entirely in Italian, is an introduction to contemporary Italian literature. The teacher will lead students in discovering Italian writers, such as Dino Buzzati, Dacia Maraini, Natalja Ginzburg, Stefano Benni, and many others, offering students a chance to read excerpts from short stories and novels.The texts will be used to stimulate conversation in class and as a source for focusing on more complex linguistic structures.

Conversation 3   Our new conversation courses offer an ideal occasion for students to strengthen their understanding of the Italian language and to improve their listening and comprehension skills while conversing in Italian and gaining self-confidence in conversation. The aim of these courses is to enable students to express themselves with ease in a variety of situations, from simple and informal to more complex and formal, in the context of everyday life, while socializing and traveling.  Each lesson is structured around a specific topic that fosters interaction among the students and the learning of new vocabulary and expressions. A vast array of activities oriented towards the development and the solidifying of oral communication skills will be proposed to the students: audiovisual material to enhance listening skills as well as educational activities and role-play to sharpen accuracy and fluency in verbal expression. Authentic materials, written texts, multimedia content, grammatical charts, and pronunciation exercises enrich each lesson.  No book is required for this class.  Printed materials will be provided.  For those who have completed the study through the B1.3 level. 

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