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Advanced Classes (In-Person)

In the Advanced levels, students who already speak well will perfect their grammar and improve their comprehension, conversation, and writing skills. Students will read and discuss literature, and converse about cinema, art, and Italian news and current events. Thanks to the affiliation with the Italian Cultural Institute, our students will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive book clubs and meet renowned Italian authors whose books will be read in class.

Students must read this Health Safety Protocol Waiver and submit to both their CDC vaccination card and a signed copy of the ItalCultura Health Safety Agreement.

The referenced documents should be submitted as soon as possible and they must be received by ItalCultura before students will be permitted to attend an in-person class. 

Class Quarters

18 Jan - 29 Mar

18 Apr - 27 Jun

11 Jul - 17 Sep

26 Sep - 10 Dec

31 Oct - 10 Dec

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