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Lucia Delaini

Lucia has spent her childhood between (fair) Verona and Venice. She earned a BA in Italian Language and Literature (U of Padua, IT and Munich, GER), an MA in Journalism and Publishing (U of Verona, IT), an MA in Comparative Literature (U of Bergamo, IT, Guelph CA, and Lisbon PT) and she is currently pursuing her PhD in Rhetoric at Northwestern University. She started teaching Italian at Munich's Department of Foreign Languages, and continued doing so throughout her nomadic career. Her own multi-lingual experience made her aware of the many joys and obstacles of language learning; on top of that, she earned her certification as a teacher of Italian, studied didactics, and researches cognitive mechanisms of learning across the centuries. Beyond teaching and researching, Lucia is an avid reader and traveler who loves live music, biking, and getting to know new people and places.

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