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Upper Intermediate B2.3 (Online)

Grammar coverage includes the distinction between  principal and secondary phrases, il congiuntivo presente, il congiuntivo in secondary phrases. L’imperativo di cortesia. Literal and figurative adjectives. The use of certain verb phrases. The formation of words: nouns, adjectives, verbs. Vocabulary (the semantics of psychology). Il congiuntivo imperfetto. Modes of affirmation, negation. Feminine nouns of profession. Collocations with verbs: essere, condurre, imprimere, suscitare, sottoporre, fare, stabilire, intensificare. Several compound words. Unstressed and stressed pronouns. The plural of compound nouns. Il trapassato prossimo. Gerunds, the past and present participles. Use of verb forms: capace di, fino a, a cavallo tra, in questo senso, in fondo, a discapito di. Communication goals include having an ironic conversation, discussing the sexism of the Italian language, and interviewing two authors.


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