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Beginner Classes (In-Person)

In the Beginner levels, students will manage key vocabulary and fundamental grammar, and will be able to read, write and speak about simple topics in the present, past and future tenses.

Grammar coverage includes present tense of regular and some modal and irregular verbs, singular and plural nouns, articles and adjectives, some prepositions. Communication goals include: greeting and introducing oneself, asking for information, ordering something at the restaurant, telling the time. Classes meet once a week for ten weeks (20 hours).

New to learning Italian? Start with Italian for Absolute Beginners A1.1

- includes $400 course fee + textbook & workbook ($60.00) shipped to you
- includes $400 course fee + textbook & workbook ($60.00) picked up from the school on the book pick-up dates

2023 Class Quarters

23 Jan - 3 Apr

17 Apr - 26 Jun

10 Jul - 18 Sep

2 Oct - 11 Dec

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