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          “A language isn’t something you learn as much as something you join. –Arika Okrent

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Session Dates

Summer 2017:  July 10th - Sept 16th

Fall 2017:  September 25th - December 9th

This week marks the start of our summer session of classes. 

Registration will remain open through 7/21.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn one the most beautiful languages in the world!

Taste a little bit of Italy in amazing downtown Chicago!!!

italian summer classes 2017

Beginners click here for the class schedule.

Register online or call 312-245-0652.

ItalCultura - the Official Language School at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago

500 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1405
Chicago, IL 60611-3767
phone 312-245-0652
fax 312-245-0654
map & directions

Discounted Parking

Discounted parking at a flat rate of $9 is available at 10 E. Grand Ave. for registered students attending their class.




Italian Cultural Institute Events Calendar

Italy in Chicago

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Profiency Levels

Test your current Italian proficiency level!

In effort to have students placed in the most appropriate level class, students with previous knowledge of Italian are asked to take both written and verbal placement exams. Download the written portion of the placement test by clicking here. Please print out the test, answer as many questions as you are able to (without using any aids), and email it back to us at . The verbal test will be given here at ItalCultura, by appointment. Please call 312-245-0652 or email to schedule your verbal exam.

The curriculum of ItalCultura is based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The CEFR is a guideline used to describe what learners of foreign languages need to do in order to communicate effectively in each language. CEFR facilitates the recognition of proficiency gained in different learning contexts and provides assessment of progress at each stage, and throughout a lifetime.

The CEFR divides learners into three broad divisions and six levels.

A – Basic User

            A1 – Beginner

            A2 – Elementary

B – Independent User

            B1 – Intermediate

            B2 – Upper Intermediate

C – Proficient User

            C1 - Advanced

            C2 – Mastery

All language courses are taught in Italian and students start speaking Italian from the very first day!

 New fashion class avalable!
Today Milan ranks with Paris, New York and London as one of the top 4 players in the world of fashion. The development of an "Italian look" is generally thought to have taken place in the late 1970s, by Designers such as Armani and Versace.

Join us to learn more about Italian Fashion Designers (Armani, Prada, Versace, Le Sorelle Fontana, Pucci, Dolce e Gabbana, Max Mara, Fendi and many more) and understand why the Italian style is so famous and appreciated all over the world!

All this will be presented through video and images demonstrating the development of fashion trends since the 1950's. The course will be taught in English by fashion blogger Maria Vanessa Colapinto. 

Join the italian course "Italian Language & Fashion": Join the course (B2/C1 levels)

elegance 2086236 1920
Italian Travel Experience: Practical Tips!

italian travel experience

This 10-hour course provides information on the culture of Italy and its attractions, as well as helpful tips on eating out, shopping, visiting museums and getting around Italy. It also paves the way to the standard Italian courses, introducing students to the basics of Italian language, focusing on routine phrases and conventional expressions that are useful while travelling.  Are you planning to go to Italy? Do you want to learn a few phrases in Italian and see if you like it? This is the course for you!  Join the class

Art History Classes

In this course, which will be held exclusively in Italian, students will explore Italian art through the centuries, from Ancient Roman times to today.  Students will be able to sharpen their comprehension as well as oral and written abilities, while  focusing on grammatical structures and more complex syntax. For those who have completed study through the B2.3 level. Join the class

art history

Italian with focus on Cinema!

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The Official Language School
at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago
500 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1405
Chicago, IL 60611-3767
ph 312-245-0652    fax 312-822-9622
email us   |  map & directions

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