Special classes

Classes focused on conversation, for travelers, and other special programs.

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Italian Travel Experience: Practical Tips  (click for schedule)  With this 10 hour course, students will be prepared for their next trip to Italy by learning more of its language and culture. Efficient communication and idiomatic knowledge of everyday Italian will be a primary objective.

CILS Exam Preparation Course (click for schedule)  B1 Level.  ItalCultura will be offering an intensive preparation course for the CILS exam at the B1 level. Offered by the Universita` per Stranieri di Siena and administered by the Italian Cultural Institute every June and December, the CILS exam is a wonderful occasion for students to officially test their Italian language skills. Students that successfully pass all sections of the exam will receive a certificate issued from the Universita` per Stranieri di Siena, which is recognized by the Italian Government on the basis of an agreement with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Those that do not pass all of the sections will be allowed to retake them the following June or December.

This 14-week, 35-hour course will prepare students for the CILS exam by providing a review of all of the grammar that will be covered on the exam and introducing students to the various sections of the test: listening, reading comprehension, grammatical structures, writing, and oral.

Students interested in registering for this course are kindly asked to take a written placement test to confirm their knowledge of Italian. Please click here to download the test.

$700 course fee + $30 for the study materials.

The next CILS exam will take place on May 30th at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago at 9am. Registration for the CILS exam closes on April 10th. To register for the CILS exam or for questions regarding the exam, please write to

Conversation courses

Our new conversation courses offer an ideal occasion for students to strengthen their understanding of the Italian language and to improve their listening and comprehension skills, while conversing in Italian and gaining self-confidence in conversation. The aim of these courses is to enable students to express themselves with ease in a variety of situations, from simple and informal to more complex and formal, in the context of everyday life, while socializing and traveling. 

Each lesson is structured around a specific topic that fosters interaction among the students and the learning of new vocabulary and expressions. A vast array of activities oriented towards the development and the solidifying of oral communication skills will be proposed to the students: audiovisual material to enhance listening skills as well as educational activities and role play to sharpen accuracy and fluency in verbal expression. Authentic materials, written texts, multimedia content, grammatical charts and pronunciation exercises enrich each lesson.

Conversation 3  (click for schedule)  No book required for this class.  Printed materials will be provided.  For those who have completed study through the B1.3 level.

Conversation 4  (click for schedule)  No book required for this class.  Printed materials will be provided.  For those who have completed study through the B2.3 level.


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